Sunday, August 11, 2013

France-y Pants

My feet are tired. My eyes are dry, from wearing my contacts for hours and hours and hours. My brain is both tired and wired, from not sleeping and trying to sort through all these new experiences and sights. 

But, my heart is happy. My camera is chock full of pictures, from trying to capture every last thing I pay eyes on that I just can't forget. 

These past 5 days have been a busy, fulfilling blur. We have been walking all around France, or so it seems. We've walked at least 45 miles alone since Wednesday, and it doesn't seem that we will slow down anytime soon. There's too much to see and feel. 

Sure, we have had some fantastic food since we landed in Paris on Wednesday morning, sleepy-eyed with hollow stomachs. With Scott's gluten intolerance, it has been tough finding him a balanced meal, or at least one that doesn't focus solely on French fries (but hey, they are French, oui?) We have had our fair share of quick food, when hunger strikes after walking 12 miles and dinner still isn't for another 3 hours. 

But the best meals have been our picnics.   We focus on he basics: bread, cheeses, lettuce, fruit, vino. Maybe some pre made quinoa salad. And then we sit on my scarf-gone-blanket and talk about how it can't really get better than that. This

We leave for Turkey tomorrow morning for 6 days. France has been invigorating, and while I'm sad to leave, I know there will be so many other experiences to be had in Turkey. Like hot air balloon rides and sleeping in a cave. Seriously, I think I'm ready for that. 

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Euro-trip 2013

Hi, friends! Sorry for the lag in updates, but there really hasn't been too much running going on my way after Ragnar. I've logged in some summertime evening miles whenever I've felt like it, which has been really lovely. 

We're leaving for a vacation abroad today (!!!), so I made sure to get lots of exercise yesterday to try and tire myself out. While the effort was there , it proved to be futile as my excitement completely negates any muscle tiredness I'm currently feeling.  

We will be flying into Paris about 14 hours from now, and will be posting an update soon! I tried to find a race to run in one of the three countries we are visiting, but it was a loss. Even in Greece! 

Alright, I'm off to board our first plane. Paris, here we come!