Thursday, May 30, 2013

thoughtsday :: 5.30.13

Happy Thursday, friends! I just returned from a two (yes, 2) mile run. I had 5 miles on the calendar for today, but one mile in I could tell my legs were d-e-a-d. Turns out, my body lost some fitness after not running for 7 weeks - who would think?

On a serious note, it is a little disheartening realizing this when I'm supposed to run a marathon in 3 days. I'm going to take it easy these next couple days and hopefully these leggies of mine will be fresh and ready for 26.2 miles come Sunday.

Onto some thoughts!

1. "Running the Sahara" is one of the most inspiring documentaties I've ever seen. I started watching it halfway through at a hotel, got sucked into it the hour I watched it, and then had to checkout of the room before I watched the end. The suspense! As soon as I got home I looked it up on Netflix, where it was available. I definitely recommend it.

2. Well, now that we're discussing inspiring documentaries, Nicole over at Pumps and Iron has a post today listing my other three favorite movies. These were the main influences for me changing to a vegan diet, and carried a lot of weight with me. If you want to ball your eyes out (not that I did or anything...), watch Vegucated.

3. Now that we're finished discussing documentaries (sorry, that was an executive decision), I want to hear where you guys eat meals. At your kitchen table? Chained to your desk? On the couch?

Recently, I've been feeling guilty about how mindless I eat most of my meals. Breakfast and lunch are mostly consumed while I'm on the computer, either at home or work. Dinner is always in the living room while watching TV. When Scott and I were first married, we ate dinner at the kitchen table about half the time, but these days it's a formal black tie event if a table is involved.

I figure that it will change and we'll adapt to different habits once kids are in the picture, but right now it's what works for us. It's so tempting to multi-task, especially in the morning when there's a "rush rush rush" sense, to just eat breakfast and check e-mail all at the same time. I definitely want to make meals "family time" once there are littles running around, but it's funny how that principal gets brushed off when it's just two of us since we already catch up with each other so much throughout the day.

Are you going for a run today?

What documentary have you seen that made you change your ways?


  1. Ugh, we eat at the couch with the tv on and I HATE it. But my husband ... really likes it. Sigh. I eat so fast, I would rather sit down at the table and focus on my food. I don't need the tv on all the time.

    What did you think about that move from the main guy at the end of Running the Sahara? (when he tells the other two to take a break then gets way ahead). LOL. There was a follow-up article on him in RW. I think maybe he had a drug relapse?

    Good luck this weekend! Be careful! I am worried about you :(

    1. OMG, Charlie?! I was heated up when he started running without them and then acted like it was no big deal. The other 2 guys were so forgiving and plain nice about it, but I don't think I could have gotten over such a jerky move to quickly! I looked him up after you wrote that and turns out he's in jail for 8 count of mortgage fraud...what the..? And runs 7 hours straight a day in jail. He definitely screams "intense" to me.

      THanks for the well-wishes for this weekend! I'm nervous, but know I need to just listen to my body, and if that means just running 2 miles then so be it. I wish you were closer to be my personal trainer, you know, after you rock your test!

    2. I wouldn't have gotten over it either!!!

      OMG! Mortgage fraud?! What the what?! Oh, Charlie! ;)

      Aww, thanks! That would be awesome :)

      Best of luck! :)