Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Weekly Rundown & 2013 Northwest Passage Ragnar Countdown!

How is Ragnar staring me in the face already?! I feel like it was just four days ago that I started packing. Oh wait...it was. Don't worry, only a week in advance. Anxious much?

Got those baby wipes! Since I have already decided that I will not be showering (there's just too much involved), I have a feeling these babies (har har) will come in handy multiple times a day. More for my van mates benefit than mine, that's for sure.

Also key - the ziplock bags. I printed out each leg map with the outfit I'll be wearing into each bag to try and keep the whole thing organized and the post-run smell contained.

My mileage last week crept up slightly from the week before, which I'm happy about. My knee is feeling beautiful, and my runs have been pretty much pain-free, aside from the standard niggle here and there.

I've grown to really l-o-v-e running in the mornings when it's all quiet and stuff. Bonus: endorphins flowing all day long. Not a bonus: I'm physically more tired the rest of the day, which means I seem to rely way more on caffeine these days. This makes me feel like a sissy, but I'm alright with that.

Tuesday: 7.11 miles, 9:02 pace
Wednesday: 5.23, 9:9:22
Thursday: 3 miles, 9:27 pace
Friday: 4.36 miles, 8:27 pace
Sunday morning: 6 miles, 819 pace

 Grand total: 25.71

It's strange not following a training plan and having a set workout for the day. I'm so used to thinking I have to run a certain number of miles at this pace, or do a track workout of sorts but it's a nice change to just take it day by day by what my schedule and body can handle. Especially during the summer, when I like a little more free time to hang out like this:

Have a wonderful night!

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