Monday, July 1, 2013

weekly rundown

I realize that it's 120 degrees in Death Valley, and that's truly a blistering boil. However, as I stated yesterday, this late June/early July heat is truly unreal for us here in the Pacific Northwest. I had to create a rough summary of my day to portray exactly how bloody hot it is here (and while it may sound like I'm complaining, that's really not the case. Bring it on, sun.):

2am: Wake up drenched in 12 gallons of sweat
5:15am: Wake up again, this time to one ridiculously beautiful sunrise.
6:00am: Don't go running because I'm already sweating and tired from not getting any REM's last night.
7:00am: Hair dries in three minutes
8:00am: One grande iced orange coffee (it sounds weird, and it tastes weird. Go figure.)
10:45am: Finish third 16.9oz water bottle-full of water
11:30am: One hour lunch with my mom, straight in the sun's rays. It was lovely.
2:00pm: Four is the magic number my air conditioner needs to be on, which is the highest setting and yet still not powerful enough to keep my armpits dry. 
3:30pm: Jumped in a lake two minutes after arriving at a friend's house.
6:30pm: Watered four wilting lettuce plants that were looking quite sad.
8:00pm: Ran three miles to the husband's softball game with one water bottle in hand that didn't stay frozen for more than 13 minutes.

But I LOVE IT. It makes my entire day feel more relaxed and stress-free. I can't imagine if I lived in Arizona. Actually, I can, and it would include me being unemployed because I would never want to get any work done.

Play in the sun. Play in the sun. Work? Nah, play in the sun!

I did manage to squeeze in 24.71 miles last week when it was pouring down rain 4 days and pretty dang hot the other 3.

Tuesday: 5 miles, 7:58 pace
Thursday: 6 miles, 8:46 pace
Friday: 5.7 miles, 8:36 pace
Sunday morning: 5 miles, 8:51 pace
Sunday evening: 3 miles: 8:22 pace

 Grand total: 24.71

I am now off to convince my husband that it would be in our best interest to sleep outside on the deck tonight. Did you guys ever do that growing up? I'm pretty sure my neighborhood friends and I would spend more nights sleeping outside together than we did inside apart. It was such a novelty! Yes, I think I need to bring that back tonight.

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