Sunday, September 22, 2013

fitting it in

This weekend was a leeeeetle bit of a whirlwind. I stayed up the latest I have in a long time (1am. IN THE MORNING) on Friday night which knocked me on my face so good that my 6 hours of sleep felt like 6 minutes.

If I did the math correctly up there, that means that yes, I got up at 7am Saturday morning, and not because I'm one of those people that can function fabulously on minimal hours of sleep. It was to fit in a run that I knew was important to me to squeeze in before we drove the 3 hours to Portland, OR that day. While I desperately would have loved to sleep in to get those beauty points, getting out and being active won out and I'm really glad it did. I mean, who needs beauty rest when the creasy pillow-face and sour stank morning breath come naturally? These things shan't be wasted on a gorgeous Saturday morning in bed.

Anyway, here's what a girl does when she was up until the wee hours of the morning and needs to get in some mother loving cardio in the later hours of the morning:

1. She lays out her clothes, asthma inhaler and shoes out the previous night.
2. Upon waking, she wipes the drool off her chin, swabs a cotton ball over her mascara-covered eyes to rid them of eye boogers/leftover makeup, and brushes her teeth like a semi-decent adult.
 3. Finally, she stumbles out into the dawn after tripping on the concrete stairs. This girl is definitely not one of the graceful ones.

5 sweet miles later (I know the map says 4.5-dang watch wouldn't connect and I gave in to impatience), I felt no regret and was super happy I didn't listen to my inner sleepy-queen telling me to stay in bed. I was also completely tuckered me out for the drive, but good thing there's a little God-send called COOOFFFEEE. And good thing it was this little thing called FREEEE at the event we were going to.

Speaking of, I'll have more details on our little PDX getaway tomorrow - in involves music, vino and food so you should probably be here for it.

How was your weekend?

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