Sunday, September 1, 2013

get into the groove

After being away from home for three weeks without adhering to any sort of schedule, I was a little invigorated to return home and get back into a steady routine. Traveling is exhausting, in the very best way. The mind is constantly working, soaking up new sights and information, and the legs are always on the go, covering mileage I never thought I would cover when I wasn't running.

Seriously though, there was so much walking. I now think that falling into bed at night with aching, twitching leg muscles and barking dogs for feet is one of that most fulfilling feelings ever. I walked across Athens, and then walked the complete other way across Athens, and then came back and BAM, log those 16 miles in the book.

Give me a coin collector can and spare some change for the tired American girl.
 So yeah, now we're back, and aside from napping (er'ry day), doing laundry (2 tons of it), and scrambling around trying to restock our fridge, I've gotten a few runs in. It hasn't been too deathly hot around here, so I've been able to venture out after work.

I had so much energy my first day back at work, which was really unexpected given that I had only slept 9 hours after being awake for 30. (It must have been the outcome of eating all those calories I consumed while riding in planes the entire 2 days before.) That energy stuck with me on my first 6 mile run that evening, which was ab-so-lute-ly blissful - I didn't want it to end! It was one of those runs where everything feels fresh, from the air to my legs to my tunes. I had to tell myself to slow down a few times so that my thighs could be guaranteed to still work the next day.

It feels strange not training for anything at the moment, and simply running for the love of it. To have such a simple outlook on when and how long and why to run is pretty refreshing at this point, when I'm back at home and trying to get a routine going. I might just bask at this point for a little while longer and see what happens!

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