Wednesday, September 11, 2013

mixing it up

Hi, friends! Since returning from our trip, things have been a little shaken up and I haven't been able to follow much of a schedule. The first two weeks after we got back, the weather was very Fall-ish and rainy (which I'm totally in to). Then of course this whole week has been hovering at about, ohh, 85 degrees and I can't drive in my un-air conditioned car without sweat dripping off my forehead. Nice.

Work has also been super busy, along with some random life things that need to get taken care of, which have all played into a very not consistent running schedule. I've been able to sneak some in when I can, even if it's just running a couple miles to meet a friend. Or to a friend's BBQ where I promptly stuff my face with a veggie dog.

One thing I have done differently is attend  a couple of these T25 workout groups with my sister. Her co-worker does it, and I was feeling adventurous and went along. Honestly, I didn't expect much of a workout, but heeeeey jello muscles. The workouts only last 25 minutes, but every second I was sweating and breathing so hard I was afraid a lung would pop. You can pick a different kind of workout every day, which is nice for a little variety.

I've also been able to run a DOG, which is only a dream come true for me. There's something about having a little furry friend with me that is incredibly motivating for me to get running. Even if he does like to greet every single person for a solid 2 minutes while I have to pause my watch and tap my foot and act like I love to stop every 5 minutes.

Oh, and I'm having major vacation withdrawals like whoa. Here's what I whipped up (read: spent 3 hours preparing).

GREEK LIFE FOR LYFE: stuffed peppers, Greek salad, pita brea, tzitzki, hummus, and toasted sweet potatoes. AKA, what I want to eat every day for the rest of my life. Let me know if you want any of those recipes. (Really, all you need to know is do not put lettuce in your Greek salad. No, no, no.)

Did you know that feta, similar to Champagne, can only be called authentic "feta" in Greece? While we were in France, we saw a lot of feta-like cheese, but it sure wasn't called that.

Enough of this nonsense talk - au voir and I bid you a happy hump day!

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