Saturday, October 19, 2013

5k = one week away

I have to say, training for a 5k is quite different than training for a half or full marathon. No 20 miler? No constant exhaustion? No unsocial life? It's really a pretty sweet deal.

Since I signed up for the race a mere four weeks prior to the race, I wanted to follow the first half Hal Higdon's plan, which has worked out pretty perfectly. I'm feeling like I'm getting some good work in with the weekly speed work, and am glad to finally not be running the risk of over-training. You know, because this leads to injuries, and generally just sucks.

Instagram: mrsbwebbruns

I love how manageable the little 3-mile weekday runs are. I try to fit them in whenever I have to run errands or go somewhere and can get a ride back, which means I get a run and save on gas. Winning!

As I mentioned above, I have a serious problem with running by the seat of my pants (I don't really know if that metaphor fits but it's Saturday and this is how my brain rolls) and by how my body feels. This has led to many injuries and over-extension problems in the past, so I feel like following a training plan is just the right mechanism I need to reign myself in. I've also continued my physical therapy moves that significantly reduce any knee or hip pain I feel. It's pretty amazing how connected and in-tune different body parts are. Like who knew that weak glutes can lead to knee pain? Oh, you did? Well cool, teach me something else... ;)

One things you don't need to educate me on is how to do brunch. I got it figured out.

What's your favorite brunch item? Oh oh, and what is your favorite racing distance?


  1. Woo hoo! I am happy following a plan and your PT moves has you in a healthy place!

    BRUNCH!!! AHH! Hmm. A vegan skillet or pancakes! :)

    1. Thanks, Kim! I'm feeling so positive about the whole thing I hope my luck continues! And yeah, brunch is the best. A tofu skillet with veggies totally wins.