Wednesday, October 16, 2013

eat out in Pullman, WA: Paradise Creek Brewery

Last weekend my entire family (minus my husband, who decided to go to the Husky game over stepping a foot in Cougar territory) ventured the 6 hours to the other side of Washington. While the rumors are true and there really isn't a whole lot to set eyes on, there is the city of Pullman, home of WSU, home of Cougar Gold cheese.

We went to visit my little brother who moved over this summer to attend school. How he grew into an adult and is living by himself is beyond me - I think trickery is involved, but I'll roll with it for now.

I had never been to the campus before, but whoa. It's beautiful. Granted, there is the Fall factor that lends a hand in making things beautiful, but I think WSU's grounds were pretty even before all the red and orange shades came into play.

While my Dad and brother watched the football game, us laaaaaaadies went to see a movie (Gravity, which fulfilled all my expectations and was awesome) and then grabbed some food at Paradise Creek Brewery. Now, I love breweries. Not only do they typically have great beer, the food is always great and the atmosphere is fun. When traveling to a new town, I always looks up their local brewery. And if there isn't one, I do not go to the town. End of story, do not collect $200.

Paradise Creek did not disappoint. The three of us all ordered different things, and they were all delicious. I got the "southern thang" burger and doctored it up with the lentil patty (amazing), sans bacon. It was really the best decision of my life. Here's its selfie (lighting wasn't on my side):

But yeah, that deep-fried pickle sealed the deal. I could eat this every day and be completely content. Even the salad was phenomenal, and it was a side salad. My mom got the grilled cheese and my sister chose the lentil burger with the mac and cheese as a side. There are no words to describe that Cougar Gold cheese they use. Wait, yeah there are - creamydecadentgooeyomg.

Oh, and the beer wasn't too shab either. ;) Oh Behave was my favorite, which unfortunately I could only handle a sip of thanks to the monstrosity that was burger.

I'll be back tomorrow with more running talk!

What is the first thing you look for when you visit a new city?

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