Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Hanson Brothers Marathon Training :: Monday (ahem, Wednesday) Marathoning 4.3.13

WHOA. I apologize for the absence over the past few days! No excuses at all, but between Easter, Scott starting Spring Break, and fighting off a couple of colds my time seemed to totally slip away from me. Let's see if we can get back on track, shall we?

So, week 9 of using the Hanson Brothers Marathon Training plan just wrapped up, which means I am halfway through! Things are going well, despite this pesky sciatic nerve acting up in my left leg/rear region, that I'm working on just stretching out before and after runs. Other than that, I'm thankful for nothing else going wrong.

Monday: Sick day - switched Monday for Wednesday's rest day
6.00 miles, 8:41 pace
Wednesday: Speed work on the treadmill! 3x1600's, + w/u and c/d
Thursday: 7.04 miles, 8:40 pace
7.21 miles at marathon pace; 7:57
15.54 miles, 8:21 pace.

 Here's what to expect this week:


How was your Easter holiday? Did you have nice weather? It was a lucky 70 degrees here in the Pacific Northwest, which naturally meant we stayed outside until 9pm soaking up all we could.

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  1. Nice week! And damn, nice weather for Easter! I thought we were lucky it got up to the 50s! ;)