Thursday, April 4, 2013

thoughtsday :: 4.4.13

1. Washing my hair - when did it get so complicated? Lately, I've been hearing a lot about this "no-poo" method, which is a fancy way of saying you don't wash your hair with shampoo. The most popular substitution I've been seeing is using apple cider vinegar and baking soda instead of shampoo and conditioner. After reading about Tsh's and Heidi's experiences I'm quite tempted to test this out, too.

I hate washing my hair every day, which is pretty much a necessity after running 6+ miles 6 days a week. I'm thinking this might be a practical, cheap solution for my dried out hair (which is also extremely greasy by the end of the day, how does that work?). I'll let you know how it goes.

2. Composting! I started my bin in January, and have kept up with it since. Everything is starting to break down, but it's definitely not useable yet. I can't wait until I get to put it to work in our garden!

3. Interrupting my marathon training plan. As I previously mentioned, My sciatic nerve has been rearing and flaring = angry eyes. Last night at the end of my 8 mile run at marathon pace, my knee pretty much broke down with searing pain. Luckily, it was at the end of my run and I was close to home, but I really don't think it would have been wise of me to continue running after that. So, I decided to make today a rest day and see how things look tomorrow. I might do my planned speed workout on the treadmill, or I might just hold off until my long run on Saturday.

Injuries are totally frustrating, no? I'm hoping this mini break will build up my motivation again and remind me what I love about running - the release, the thinking time, the sweat (holy buckets, the sweat). My day felt off today without running; I didn't know even know when I should start making dinner, since that's typically the first thing I do after I get done running.

Do you have a compost bin?

How often do you wash your hair? I find this requires some forethought, depending on my running and work schedule.

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  1. Aww man, I hope you feel better soon! :(

    I haven't heard of that no-poo method! I have mostly heard of the dry shampoo/powder one!