Wednesday, June 19, 2013

the doctor said...

that I have a fiiiiiine looking left knee! I went back for my follow-up appointment today and got the A-OK on my knee. He said my x-rays are perfect and that he can't feel any swelling or such negative things around it. While I knew that the pain was "just" inflammation and that physical therapy has helped heaps and bounds, it was nice to hear the good news from a professional.

So, what does this mean for my future running endeavors? I was thinking about it on tonight's run, and I'm not sure how I"m going to proceed. I'm definitely going to take it easy and limit my mileage, which should be easy since summer is here (!!!) and that always means fun, non-running activities are in the works.

I'm still on for Ragnar Northwest Passage, which I could not be more excited for. My sister-in-law just booked us our hotel room for the night before, seeing as how we have a 3am wake-up call the morning it all begins. My legs are on the shorter end (3.1 | 4.8 | 5.8), which I'm hoping will be nice for the old knees of mine.

Seattle has some great 5 and 10k's in the summer and fall, so those are definitely in my future. I was also thinking it would be sweet to run a race in Europe, where we will be traveling a good chunk of August. I could totally set aside my pride to run a race in Greece and get beaten by thousands of people who have hailed from the land of the marathon birthplace. Has anyone ever ran a race internationally? I need the deets!

Alright, thanks to Netflix I'm off to drown myself in season 3 of "Parenthood" (why oh why did I allow myself to get sucked in a sitcom that so does not jive with my lifestyle? Is that what makes it so appealing?). To accompany me, I have these tasty treats:

Only 12 of these squares are supposed to go to the potluck tomorrow. Trust me...the other 4 weren't invited.


  1. Yay! That is great news!

    I really hope you do get to race in Europe! The only thing I have heard about racing overseas is that it is common to wear the race shirt to the race :)


    1. Oh, I will rock a European race shirt EVERY day, ALL day! :) Make the bars, you won't regret it!