Tuesday, December 4, 2012

And here we go!

Hi there - thanks for coming out to my new blog! As noted on my about page, I'm veering off of writing strictly about my eats. I decided that instead of trying to incorporate my running habit into my already-established food blog, that I would just start a new journey instead. So here I am!I will be posting all recipes on this blog from now on, but will keep WildVeg activated, since it's still my first pride and joy.

I had big plans to go running this morning, but how ugly can this rain get?! I have to say that I'm not the biggest fan of running in the rain. I hating admitting this because it makes me feel so much less of a runner. But I can't stand it! It's cold and heavy and just plain uncomfortable. I still suck it up and get out there, except this morning it was still dark with some wind thrown in and I decided it just wasn't going to happen.

Please look at that though. I tried! I dressed. I just didn't conquer. Despite the fact that I had my warm fuzzy socks still on from sleeping. 

I did take myself up on the second exercise option I gave myself and did this Tabata workout from Fitnessista. This got my hear rate up and my legs nice and tight, which felt good. Her ab-burners are amazing, too, which I make a point to do at least once a day.

Time to go get ready for work. Thanks again for stopping by!

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