Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas Preparations

| The Run: 6 miles outdoor this manana. It was cold and wet, but still felt great. I got really ravenous towards the end, which makes breakfast taste 343 times better. |

 Tonight we finally delved into Christmas shopping. To add to the fact that it's 12/12/12, it's also 12 days away from Christmas, which puts my Reindeer-printed panties in a bunch. I feel unprepared, but at the same time I'm like "bring it." I just need to put my Christmas shopping in 5th gear and get this party started.

While we did make a dent, I will still need to visit Ye Olde Great Kitsap Mall a couple more times to finish it all off.

I do have to say though, while I am not a shopper by any means (I get too tired and too hungry too fast), there's something about the act of Christmas shopping that separates itself from any other shopping experience. There's the hundreds of people around, there's the decor, there's the music, and don't even get me started in all the cutie kids waiting in Santa's line with their best cutie clothes. There's something about all those extras that makes fighting the crowds and waiting in lines seem okay. Plus, the white chocolate peppermint latte doesn't make matters worse.

What are your thoughts on Christmas shopping? Are you all finished? (If you are, feel free to come on over here. I'll hold your latte while you shop.)

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