Sunday, December 9, 2012

Weekend Happs

There is nothing to say about this weekend other than that is was awesome. The complete bomb. I had one of my favorite people in town, Scott has one of his favorite people in town, and we were all happy.

Including penguin.

There was quite a bit of celebrating this weekend, which meant more beer than I'm used to. We had ourselves a nice time at Der Blokken, which followed some impulse buys at the annual Winterfest in Manette. I had the Ginga Irish Red and the Castover, which were both delicious. Maybe too delicious, as I felt like I was chugging both of them at rapid speed. We also ordered their Spicy Artichoke Dip, which was a unique one. The sundried tomatoes were a phenomenal touch, but I wasn't happy with the lack of artichoke hearts.

Saturday was spent like this:

1. Meet friends at Boat Shed for lunch.
2. Visit Illahee park.
3. Meet more friends at Boat Shed for drinks (very good idea)
4. Meet friends at Silver City for dinner.
5. Meet friends at the Cloverleaf for drinks (still a solid idea)

At it was all a blast. Like I said, this weekend was pretty unbeatable, which is why I spent today not going to the blasted Seahawks game like an idiot (sorry about that, Arizona fans). There were other factors involved, but it was still a disappointment to not be able to go and cheer those guys on. Not that they really needed it.

The good thing about having a free-ish day was that I got to go running! For 6 sweet miles! Despite the fact that is was cloudy and cold and I wasn't feeling too hot (ahem, like I said, the drinks), it was a great run that left me sweaty and ravenous.


Part of me feels like I need to get into Saturday long runs again, but the other part of me says that those will come when I start marathon training again at the end of January. Still, I would like to take myself for a spin on a long-ish run, say 15 miles, this coming weekend. We shall see how many Boat Shed appointments I have lined up. ;)

Have a good one!

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