Thursday, December 20, 2012


 #1. I thoroughly cleaned out my car for the first time since July 2007. (The operative word being thoroughly - please don't think I'm gross.) My CD carriers were having a hard time shutting, so I took the big step of taking out the CD booklets.

Ta-da! What gems. Bye bye booklets, long live compact discs.

#2. The first snowfall of the season arrived today, and I didn't even catch a picture! The schools were closed but my work was open. The rain came hard and fast later on in the morning, but it was sure pretty to see when I woke up.

#3. I'm getting really excited for marathon training to begin at the end of January. I love having a running schedule instead of going by how I'm feeling. Basically, it's my not-so-secret stubbornness that keeps me pushing when some days I just don't wanna.

So tell me! What past musician loves do you have hiding in your car? Also, I'm eager to hear about your thoughts on training plans. Do you like planning each running day down to the mile, or do you take more of a go-with-the-flow approach?

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