Wednesday, December 26, 2012

And on to the next one

A run: A lovely 3 miles in the morning before work. I wished I could have gone longer, but I was already allowing myself only 29 minutes to get ready after the run, so I really should't push myself to go any further.

Tear - it's always a little heartbreaking to return to work after Christmas. After all the prep and family and downright fun, it can be tough to get back into a regular routine. In fact, I blocked it out so well that I sorta forgot about that whole early morning wake-up call and decided to go see "Django Unchained" with these fancy folks:

'Staches for all! Don't worry, we left those at home and decided it would be a much better idea to bring outrageously full bellies to a 3-hour movie. I'm the "sweet, there's no one sitting in front of me so I'll rest my feet on the back of the seat" girl, which is quite comfortable. However, this movie was off the chain (pun intended), and the theater was packed so there was none of that. The movie was very well done, as all Quentin Tarantino flicks are, so it was a worthwhile night that lacked of sleep.

The most important thought I've been reviewing lately is which marathon training plan to use for my next marathon in June. I really liked my first training plan, which I got from Runner's World, but I would like to try something different and maybe a little more challenging. Hal's Intermediate 2 plan caught my eye, except for 2 things: I don't cross train and I like my long runs on Saturdays. Do you think it's possible to switch Saturdays short run and Sundays long run? 

I would love to hear what marathon plans have worked for you!

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