Monday, February 25, 2013

Hanson Brothers Marathon Training :: Monday Marathoning 2.25.13

Week Four, done and done! This past week was super windy and chilly, so I ended up doing two runs on the treadmill at mis parentals house. As slow as those runs feel, is so nice to have that option.

I'm also realizing that it's probably due time for me to buck up the bucks for new shoes. My left toes are starting to slam into the front and I've noticed my muscles being increasingly sore, which I would like to blame on my current shoes. They've been around since I started training for my last marathon, so about 10 months ago. Any suggestions on what I should get? I've been looking at the new Mizuno Wave Rider's or the Brooks Pure Flows. With the price difference it should be an easy decision, but I want to go test them out before I commit.

Monday: 11 miles at 7:47 pace for a total time of 1:27. I beat my previous 10K and 5K times, which felt nice.
Tuesday: Track time! 1.5 miles w/u, six 800's with one lap jog between each, 1.5 mile c/d. \
Thursday: 6 miles at marathon pace; I averaged 8:08/mile.
 Friday: Treadmill time! 6 miles in 50 minutes
Saturday: 8 miles outside, 8:44/mile pace.
Sunday: More treadmill time! 6 miles in 50 minutes

 Here's what to expect this week:

What tips and tricks do you have to make treadmill time fly by?


  1. Great training! Just curious, what's your goal marathon time?

    I've started watching tv shows on the Netflix app on my phone during treadmill runs. Our winters been pretty rough so I've spent more time than I'd like on the 'mill. I finished up 30 Rock last week and started Gossip Girl and it definitely helps pass the time!

    1. I'm aiming for a 3:30 marathon, which seems 110% feasible on some days and absolutely not at all for others. It's tough to hold back on the days I really want to run, and then obviously difficult to push myself on days when my legs feel like lead when I'm supposed to be doing a track workout. This running science stuff is tough!

      I LOVE 30 Rock, except I still need to watch the last episode like a really bad fan. Your winter has sounded wild - you have my sympathy for those extra treadmill runs! Thank goodness Spring is (hopefully) on its way!

  2. Speedwork makes treddie time fly for me!

    Anxious to hear if you switch shoes! I wish we could all try out them ALL before purchasing (you know, take them all for a few runs, lol).

    So are you going to race a 5K and 10K now?! That is awesome that you beat them!

    1. Speedwork is AWESOME for a treadmill - it takes the worst of both workouts and makes them better! I also love that you called it a treddie. :)

      I might run a race, I just need to figure out if there's one around here! You would think there would be a St. Patty's Day one. Time to investigate that!