Thursday, February 14, 2013


Hey, guys! Happy Valentine's to you! Typically, I'm not a very lovey-dovey person, but this year I decided to get into the spirit a little bit more by making cookies for mi familia and...well, that's it. I liked the idea of giving out cookies, because it meant that we got to drop them off around town to the recipients. House calls are awesome, maybe because I just love surprises and chatting with people I don't get to see all to often.

However, a piece of house call advice: If you are going to invest some time into dropping off cookies around your hood, make sure you do this during a time that you know your target will be awake. Bless my Nana's heart for her going to bed at six o' clock in the evening. She is a busy woman, that is no doubt, and it was my mistake to overshoot her bedtime by an hour.

Also, when you walk into an assisted living home and say that you're there "to see Nana," be more specific. Chances are there will be more than one Nana, unless your Nana is the Queen Bee in a beehive, which sounds awesome, like Nana would get her own fortress in said home.

Onto the thoughts:

1. Coffee. I gave it up for a bit, and yesterday I realized how super crazy fantastic it makes me feel and that a fool be the girl who wants to give that up. What's not foolish is trying not to spend a ton of moola on the stuff, which is why I try to make it at home.

I have a Bialetti esspresso maker, which works wonders, but the taste it always a bit off to me. I've also been using almond milk, which I realized does NOT taste good with coffee. I think it's gotta be soy, which I keep forgetting to get from the store. While I'm there, maybe I'll also invest in some sugar-free syrup flavors.

2.  Cars. We need to buy a new one, since mine decided to bite the dust a couple months ago. It's been fairly easy to share one between the Hus and I, but I'm thinking that will all change when I go visit an out-of-town friend this week. Stranded City.

We're looking at either the Toyota Rav4, a Honda CR-V, or a Honda Fit. Something that can accommodate a (future) family while not guzzling too much gas.

3. Instagram! (Sorry, that should have started with a "C"...Cinstragram it is.) I'm sorta in love with this app. I love visually connecting with people instead of just reading what's going on, which is probably why I've severely neglected Facebook. I also like that you can search certain hashtags, likes "vegan" or "funfrogjump" and BAM, you have someone new to follow to stay inspired (or just waste away 4 hours).

I've started following 10x as many people as are following me, which I'm cool with. Stalker City.

I want to know! 

Do you make your own coffee at home? How so?

Any car recommendations?

What are your thoughts on Instagram?

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