Sunday, February 3, 2013

weekend happenings : 2.3.13

This weekend was, dare I say it, relaxing? Uneventful? Perhaps even boring at times? We saw "The Impossible" at the theater on Friday, which was pretty good. It got a little long after the initial events, but it was really eye-opening to see the high level of destruction that Southern Asia had to endure. When Scott and I traveled to Thailand for our honeymoon, all our travel books mentioned how the country is still rebuilding itself, and probably will be for a long time. It wasn't evident to us, but I'm sure it would have been if we had seen the "before" pictures.

I do need to say: if you are prone to motion sickness in any way, don't watch this movie in theaters. My poor husband had to leave a couple times so he didn't vomit. The camera never stops moving, which made for a queasy stomach, a fat headache, and a Friday night bedtime of 9:48.

Saturday: I had a work event in the morning, then ran some errands and ended up at my parents house for my 6 mile run. I was dreading it, but used Carrot and Cake's 6 mile treadmill workout and the miles went by fairly quickly. It ended up being only 5.8, since I had set the timer for 50 minutes and it ended with only .2 of a mile left. Fuggetaboutit.

Sunday: I care more about snails than the Superbowl (unless of course the Seahawks are in it, which almost happened but almost doesn't count so that's lame), so I did my "long run" of 8 miles and then made gluten-free vegan BEET cupcakes, since I can't seem to get enough of those buggers.

Beets are so pretty and from what I gather, are excellent for runners. Beauty and brains? Beets are the best.

I used a recipe from the Minmalist Baker, and it was spot on. I subbed in some gluten-free flours for the regular flour and melted Earth Balance for the oil, since I was out of oil.  For the frosting, I combined some of the leftover beet puree, a teensy bit of almond milk, and powdered sugar sugar. So good. So...gone.

How was your weekend? Did you eat anything delicious or do anything that you were looking forward to?


  1. Damn! Those cupcakes sound GOOD!!!!

    I want to see that movie! Thanks for the motion sickness warning. I think I will wait for it to come out on DVD so I can pause when I need to!

    We made delicious nachos this weekend. And kept talking about making this Indian dish that never happened. Ha ha.

  2. Oh my gosh, they were SO good. And now almost gone. Oops. And why are nachos so great, especially on the weekends? I use to have them every SUnday for lunch at my in-laws, and really felt that my MIL made them just right. As if there's a way to go wrong. :)