Monday, February 18, 2013

weekend happenings :: 2.18.13

3-day weekends are the best. There's always that feeling I get on Saturdays, the semi-panicky one that lets me know I only have somuchtime to get everything done before Monday hits (even when everything = lazing on the couch reading about lactic threshold).

But THEN. There's that glorious feeling I get on Saturdays of a 3-day weekend that make me want to kiss Abe and George for their dedication to our country...and providing me a whole extra to do absolutely nothing (sometimes something. See previous note on that).

Friday afternoon I drove an hour south to Olympia to visit one of my very favorite people in the world that I met in college. She's been globe-trotting around the world since we graduated, so it's nice to finally have her near me. We did a lot of talking combined with a lot of eating combined with some walking around and it was the best.

Quick interjection: this was hands down thee best burrito I've ever had. And it was 100% vegan, with a chipotle aioli. Check them out: Quality Burrito

Sunday: My sister is in a band called Zebra Mirrors, and they had their first show in over 3 months. They introduced their new band mates and their new songs, which I completely fell in love with. They will be recording their next album in April with a guy I went to high school with at his studio in Seattle

 That's all for now! I'll see you back here later for a marathon training update, dun dun dun.

What was a big highlight of your weekend?

What meal do you recall that you could eat over and over again?

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  1. That burrito looks absolutely fabulous! Enjoy your 3-day weekend :)