Monday, February 11, 2013

Monday Marathoning :: 2.11.13

Today, I am beat. It was supposed to be a 0-6 mile dayer, and I ran two. Those two miles makes me realize how much my legs would rather be laying on the couch, as they were quickly turning into jell-o. So that was humbling.

At least I got to come home and make Valentine's, because seeing hearts will definitely help you put on your rose-colored world glasses and make believe all is well.

Here was my last week of training:

I took Friday off to have a much (un)needed Target shopping experience with la hermana, so I doubled up by two 6-milers and ran 12 on Saturday. It was a great run, which is weird because I listened to podcasts the entire time. I'm normally a strictly music girl, but Joy and Tracy kept my entertained all across Bremerton.

Here's what's in store for this week:

What is your magic formula for reviving sore legs/muscles?

Enjoy your Monday evening!


  1. AHH! Why did your schedule for the week have to have sweets! AHH! So hungry. LOL. Just teasin'

    Love that you rocked it out to the podcasts. I used to like them on my long runs too! It's like you actually have company there! And I have not heard of those too :) I liked the Nerdist, Jillian Michaels and some vegan compassionate chef lately... but sometimes she was a bit much for me. Ha ha.

    1. Haha, shame on me! Background pictures for the future: garden gnomes and house plants ONLY. :)

      I have heard SO much about Jillian lately, so I'll have to give her a listen. And then maybe work up to her actual steps!