Thursday, January 10, 2013

thoughtsday all about my vegan eats lately! This year has been easier than the last couple of years, from what I can tell from only 10 days in. I've been staying motivated by reading Scott Jurek's book "Eat and Run." He's been a strict vegan for pretty much the whole time he's been running, so it's nice to read about someone who is doing what I"m doing, x100. Because he runs ultra marathons. And I so definitely do not.

So, here are some recent eats. The pictures may suck, but I have to say that the taste was pretty spot on.

1. Warm black bean salad with sweet potatoes. So dang good - and super quick. I subbed in quinoa and olives and took out the sour cream.

2. Colorful smoothies. In December, I made sure to buy a bunch of bananas, let them get squishy, and then slice them up and pop them in the freezer to have on hand for smoothies and some quick energy. They do not fail to ever play nicely with pretty much anything. I've used frozen spinach, beets, apples, and always add a dash of cinnamon and some almond milk. Mmm.

3. Sweet Potato Surprise. Clearly, I've been sweet on sweet potatoes. This was really good and filling. I threw in some broccoli with the pasta and added sunflower seeds on stop.

4. Oatmeal Banana Bites. Clearly, I can't get enough of bananananananas either.This babies are so easy to throw together, and are great for a light breakfast/snack. Make sure to eat them in 3 days, or else they get moldy because they're pretty moist. I made the mistake of making two batches at once, and we had two leftover that I had to throw away. Try keeping them in the fridge instead, possibly?


  1. I want to make these oatmeal banana bites but what in God's name is oat flour and where do I get it?

  2. Yes! It's super easy to make your own oat flour - throw about 1 cup oats in a blender and blend until it's finely ground! Not all the pieces may get chopped, but for these it will work just fine. Let me know how they turn out!