Monday, January 14, 2013

vegan: athletes and sweet potato soup

No run today!

I did, however, use my energy towards finishing up an informational book about Scott Jurek. Perhaps you've heard of him?

I've been waiting to read this since it came out, and it did not disappoint. I had it on hold at the public library for quite awhile,  and it ended up becoming available at the perfect time. I'm currently trying out a vegan diet, and it was a tad questionable about how I could keep it up when will I begin marathon training at the end of the month. Scott (Mr. Jurek? Dr. Jurek?) cleared up a lot of those woes and made me feel more secure that I will be fine. He incorporates a lot of his personal experience with food and diet in general, which was insightful to read. There are also recipes at the end of every chapter, which I will totally get down with.

Another aspect I appreciated was his discussion of mental strength and the role it plays in running (well, in his case, ultra marathons. I don't think I have enough mental matter to endure one of those). It's such a huge factor in reaching any goal - believing that you can do something, especially when you've put forth the proper training and effort. However, he also realistically describes how sometimes you can't reach your goal, due to one factor or another. When that happens, learn. Do it again. Adjust. Et cetera.

After finishing that, I decided it was time to whip up something using the sad sweet potatoes on the counter that were thisclose to getting thrown away. I saw this Red Lentil and Sweet Potato Soup recipe in my latest issue of Whole Living, and holy cow, did it deliver. Flavorful, warm, and filling.

Make sure you absolutely do not pass on the cilantro. It is required, and makes it taste just that much better.

Tell me about your recent eats! Anything new and/or delicious lately?


  1. I went to a run and meet & greet with Scott Jurek this past summer when he was promoting this book and it was so cool to run with him and hear his stories first hand. Of course, I bought the book, read it, and really enjoyed it. His mental strength is so inspiring!

    1. That is awesome! He seems like he would be really easy-going and cool to talk to. I need to just buy his book so I can remember everything since this one is from the library.

  2. Hi! Just saw a comment of yours on Lindsay's blog and clicked over.

    I really liked this book. I am vegan too, and was thinking about doing a 50K but was a bit apprehensive. After reading it, I signed up immediately... Scott does 50Ks as easy training runs!

  3. Hi there! I can totalllly see how you would be inspired after reading his book. And a 50K, holy cow, good for you! Maybe I'll get that kind of motivation after the next time I read through it. ;) Thanks for stopping by!