Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Veganocon 2013

A run: Today was a beautiful, albeit freezing, sunny day from start to finish, but unfortunately I was too busy getting dental work done to enjoy it. I trotted out later in the evening for a little over 4 mile run, and it was so nice to see stars!

I have to say, I am over getting a mere 7 hours of daylight a day. I added the "Sunrise and Sunset Times" calendar to my Google Calendar today, and was relieved to see that there is a light at the end of the tunnel! January 31st has a sunrise of 7:38am and a sunset of 5:11pm. Totally doable.

Here's my nighttime jogging loot. It's pure joy shedding 18 extra pounds when I return home:

In other, more food-related news, it's January! (Shoot, HAPPY NEW YEAR! I just realized I'm the worst blogger in the world and neglected to do a New Year's post.I'm assuming you're over it. Not that you were ever under it. ?)

The past 3 years I have strapped on my self-discipline and proceeded to put myself on a strict vegan diet during January. It all started because I had shed myself of some sort of less-than-ideal habit every January. This was just supposed to only last one January, until I realized how great I felt, and continue to feel each January.

I realize that while I enjoy being vegan, it is a very difficult lifestyle to maintain. I know that I need to set a goal for myself, such as lasting only a month, or else I don't think it would stick very well when I don't do it 100% based on personal belief (such as animal cruelty).

Long story short, real food makes me feel real good. But that doesn't mean I don't want a blizzard every now and again.

This is my husband's bowl He gets cheese. I do not.
This year, I'm going to really try and plan meals ahead of time so I'm set to deal with my hangry and tired self when dinner rolls around. Breakfast and lunch are pretty easy, since I eat mostly vegan for those meals already, or they require only slight substitutions.

I made the above "creamy sundried tomato soup" tonight, which turned out great. I added pesto, since it's what you do when you make anything with sundried tomatoes.That's Scott's bowl - he thinks he's cooler than me with all his cheese. Little does he know that I accidentally finished off the rest of the pot without him, sans cheese. It was that good.

Have you tried a drastically different diet lately?


  1. When I was diagnosed with food allergies I had to do a whole foods cleanse for a few months and it was so hard. I couldn't eat any dairy, eggs, corn, gluten, or soy and had to drink these weird pea protein shakes. I felt amazing but it wasn't the tastiest time in my life!

  2. Ohhh no, pea protein shakes?? I know there are worse things, but those don't sound good at all! I'm hoping to last past January this time around, but we shall see. It's tough to give up feeling so good!