Thursday, January 31, 2013

thoughtsday :: 1.31.13

Holy WHAT. How did it become the last day of January already? I still feel like the holidays are right behind the corner. We have Christmas candy lying around (which sure as heck wouldn't normally be the case had I been eating dairy products the past month) and sugar cookie candles that need to be burned. I don't think those two things can wait to be used until next holiday season. Someone help.

Onto the thoughts:

1. This vegan pasta/everything sauce is soooo good. I used cherry peppers instead of jalapenos, and the flavor was still spot on. It was delightfully creamy, without being too rich. I had a little left over that I blended with some water, which became my salad dressing for my kale salad the next day.

2. New hairdryers that don't fry your hair. The past month I've noticed little fried pieces of my hair falling off my head whenever I blow dry, and the culprit is the 8 year old hair dryer. Oh, that I inherited from my husband when I moved in with him (yeah, no questions there, right?). I got this Conair dryer from Target and am in LOVE. Mostly because my head gets to be warm again from the not-so-strange loss of hair.

3. Running clothes that were made for the winter rain. I bought the following green jacket at the REI garage sale circa 2006 and have recently fallen back in love with its waterproof protection measures. It's nothing special, really, but it does the trick when you're trying not to freeze when running. Around a track. In the dark. In the winter. AKA, my Tuesday night. Fun!

I want to know! What are your favorite articles of clothing to wear in the rain/cold? Have you discovered a new food you can't get enough of lately? aaaaand, what is your morning hair routine?


  1. That sauce looks amazing! I just pinned it and can't wait to make it. I do the same thing with sauces. I make Daily Garnish's miso-tahini sweet potatoes for potlucks a lot and I make extra sauce, water it down, and it becomes my salad dressing for the week. Perrfect!

    I tend to avoid running in the rain because of blisters but I have a light weight shell jacket from one of the Hot Chocolate runs that is waterproof and if its drizzling or looks like it might rain, I throw it over whatever I was planning on wearing!

    1. Oh YUM, I need to try that sweet potato sauce! I've been meaning to buy some miso, since so many vegan recipes call for it. I'm also a big "creamy" salad dressing fan, so this is definitely on my cooking agenda. Enjoy your Saturday!