Monday, March 11, 2013

Hanson Brothers Marathon Training :: Monday Marathoning 3.11.13

That's a wrap for week 6.While my legs are constantly tired, with the exception of the day after my rest day, I feel like I'm getting stronger and and my endurance is building. My mentality has also gained some strength, as it is not the least bit easy to go out for a run with legs that feel like lead. Good thing they warm up after the first mile or so - that combined with a little mix of self-talk and thoughts of a snack attack afterwards make runs go by pretty speedy.

Here's what went down:

Monday: 6 miles, 8:39 pace.
Tuesday: Speed work on the treadmill! 1 mile w/u, six 800's with one lap jog between each, 1 mile c/d.
Thursday: 7 miles at marathon pace; I averaged 7:49/mile.
 Friday: 5.83 miles, 8:22 pace.
Saturday: My watch decided it no longer wanted to work halfway through my 10-miler, so according to technology I averaged 16 minutes/mile. How humbling.
Sunday: 8 miles, 8:36 pace.

 Here's what to expect this week:

How do you mentally prepare for long runs and/or motivate yourself on tough runs?

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