Wednesday, March 13, 2013

what I ate wednesday :: 3.13.13

Welcome to the first edition of "what I ate Wednesday"! (AKA "I will be that awkward girl that takes pictures of every morsel of food that passes her lips.") While I truly did feel ridiculous being caught taking a photo of my chai tea by "Pest Man in the Truck" today, I am happy to jump on board with this series.

Looking at, reading about, and eating food is a dear hobby of mine, so naturally I love to see what others are chowing down on around different parts this wild world. I've found some great ideas and inspiration checking others' eats, so why wouldn't I join in on the fun?

Here is a Tuesday's day of food stuffs, which is slightly different than normal. Typically, Tuesdays are my speed workout days when I run an average of 7 miles and have a beast of an appetite. Today, however, involved a lot of "taking care of business" items (the joy!) so running will resume on track (ooo, see what I did there?) today.

Also, I got to eat all 3 meals at home, which is highly unusual. Every other day lunch is sloppily shoved into my mouth at rocket pace, but today I was able to take a nice little lunch break at home. That's a win!

Breakfast :: 6:30am
The last Saturday morning waffle, complete with peanut butter, banana, a syrup smidge and tea.

Morning snack :: 9:45am
Chai tea made with water. I finally told myself I need to budget my barista-made coffee/tea and now limit my addiction to $20/month...umm, it's been ridiculously easy. This was my first one for March - $17.25 of addiction-feeding left!

 Lunch :: 12:00pm
Salad mania, with the contents being: romaine, roasted broccoli stalks, roasted sweet potatoes, roasted chickpeas, vegan parmesan cheese (nutritional yeast/almond mix), craisins, and a balsamic vinaigrette dressing. Apple with cinnamon and a large H20 on the side.

 Afternoon snack:: 2:30pm
One of these delicious buggers.

 Supper :: 6:00pm
Oh whatdoyaknow, another salad monster for the salad monster. This one starred romaine, stir-fried eggplant skins (no, I don't throw any plant article out) with carrots and garlic, roasted chickpeas, vegan parmesan cheese, craisins, sunflower seeds, homemade zucchini relish (thank, Mom!), oregano, cilantro and a artichoke/balsamic vinaigrette. And a tall drink of water (no, it was not Ryan Gosling. He remains in my dreams.)

 Evening Snack :: 8:00pm
The "Life-Changing Bread" from My New Roots. Life = changed.

Thanks to Jenn at Peas and Crayons for the hosting of this faaaabulous series!

Do you ever find yourself craving salad? It's off and on for me, but obviously today that craving was turned UP.

Are you a 3-meal or 5-meal a day kind of person?


  1. Drooling over those park bars. And I love the fact that you said "a syrup smidge" haha

  2. Yesterday I was TOTALLY craving a salad but didn't seem to have any good ingredients.

    1. I hate that! I wanted them a few times last week but kept forgetting to buy lettuce.

  3. Those snacks. Oh man oh man I am definitely stealing your recipe.

    1. Dooo it! Be warned: it takes serious self control to not eat the bars every time you get hungry. Ugh, so good.