Thursday, March 7, 2013

thoughtsday :: 3.7.13

oh HEY! I hope everyone has had a wonderful week thus far. I'm currently sitting in my pajamas at 6:08pm and it's still light outside, which has me a little thrown off. It feels like the days were 8 hours long yesterday, when it was perfectly normal to start getting ready for bed at 5:30. Now I feel like a lazy scrub making dinner in flannel pants...a feeling that obviously doesn't affect me too terribly, since there are no intentions of changing.

If you need more riveting tidbits from my brain, here we go:

1. Commuting. I was a 3.5 hour a day commuter for 3 years until last August, and while it didn't feel too awful at the time, I had to do it again yesterday and almost scratched my eyeballs out. While 80% of the time I would say I really enjoyed my job, it got to the point where it was no longer compensating for the time I spent riding a ferry to and from work. Lindsey had a good post discussing a similar topic, and I was definitely on the "living to work" end of things for awhile. Fast forward to now, where I (mostly) make my own schedule with an organization 5 miles from home. Pure bliss, I tell ya.

Not a terrible commute...for one day.

2. Speed workouts.
After five weeks of completing my speed workouts on a track, I realized that the treadmill is a sweet way to crank 'em out. While the track is a predictable, flat and distance-accurate place to get a speed workout in, I think it triggers a sort of "inadequacy" feeling for me. Despite frantically checking my speed every 2 seconds, I always feel like I'm not going fast enough and not getting the workout in like I should be. However, when I run on the treadmill, I feel like I'm hoofing it 80 miles per hour, which makes me feel pretty badass. I always know I'm going the speed I want, because I'm forced to. Magic!

Mom, there's a glimmering monster in your basement.
3. Bangin' vegan foodstuffs. I don't know how I can ever have kids, since I focus the majority of my energy at home researching, preparing and cleaning up meals. I feel like I've learned so much these past few months on how to live a quality, healthy vegan lifestyle that it completely both overwhelms and excites me.

Here are a couple links to recipes we've enjoyed this week:

Pasta Salad with Creamy Sundried Tomato Sauce (I suggest cooking the red onions, which the recipe doesn't say to do. I didn't, which was a mistake.)

Chickpea Salad Sandwiches (We eaten this on bread, apples, and spoons. It's pretty versatile.)

Did you test out any great recipes this week that you want to share?

What's your work commute like?


  1. Ooo, thanks for the vegan recipes!

    When I don't work from home, my commute is one hour and 40 mins one way. I am not sure if I will be able to start doing that all over again if they stop letting us work from home! I do have to go in at least one day a week.

    1. Daaaang, that IS a long commute. Thank goodness you get to work from home most days!