Friday, March 1, 2013

thoughtsday :: 3.1.13

This post was supposed to go up yesterday, on regularly scheduled "Thursday Thoughtsday," but I must have partied too hard at February 2013's goodbye party. This means I worked until 6, came home, and was promptly hinted at that we should take a trip to my parents to soak in their hot tub. After sitting in hot water for 45 minutes following a glass of vino and a long day of work does not a good Thoughtsday post come about. (No, I still haven't mastered the art of scheduled posts. That will comes with time...I have hopes.)

Onto those thoughts I promised...

1. Brooks Ghost 5: meet my newest running shoes. I sucked it up and went out to Poulsbo Runners yesterday, with my $30 gift certificate in hand from my 3rd place spot in the Poulsbo marathon. I tried on these and the Mizuno Waveriders, and took them for a couple spins around the block. While both are extremely comfortable and fit my feet well, the Mizunos felt like they were slipping around my heel, which happened even when I tried on a smaller size.

out with the old - New Balances :: in with the new - Brooks Ghost 5
2. Spring! The fact that March has arrived has to mean that the promise of the next season is right around the corner...riiiiight? I actually saw tulips I had planted in the Fall coming out of the ground yesterday, and was stoked. It's weird - you plant something and don't really think it will come to fruition, but lo and behold, there they were. My husband was all "what are these? They must be weeds, and they shall be slaughtered" (or something to that effect) and I was like "NO!! Those are my baaaabies." Crisis averted.

Yeah, they're hard to see. You wonder why Scott thought they were weeds...
3. Birthdays! I get to celebrate one of my best's tonight. There will undoubtedly be food and libations. I can hardly wait.

How long does it typically take you to break in a new pair of shoes?

Are you a big fan of celebrating your birthday, or do you opt for a more low-key day?

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  1. Aww! Have fun tonight! I like to have a weekend away at my family's cabin each year for my bday. But I would love a big party, hint hint to my husband.

    I am excited to see tulip progress pics ;)