Sunday, March 17, 2013

weekend happenings :: 3.17.13

Friday night Homemade Happy Hour, which was my friends and mine attempt at greatly partaking in Happy Hour while walking away not fretting about how much you really did not need that second hummus platter or glass of Riesling.

Guess what? It was a success! Not so much of a surprise when you get 3 girls together that can chat the roof off any old place while partaking in snackage and vino. We went the healthy route (and failed to plan ahead and do a St. Patty's Day theme) and had homemade red pepper hummus, veggie and bread dippers, a sampling of TJ's dark chocolate, and 2 bottles of wine. I foresee the future success rate for such an activity being 100%.

For future reference, the winner for "Best Taste" went to the Swiss 72% Dark (middle, neon green). This was the only one that had Madagascar Vanilla in it, and twas bomb. The "Best Nutrients but Has Weirdest Coffee Taste" went to the Organic 73% Dark Chocolate (left purple). It was a bit thicker, had less calories and fat, and had a strong coffee taste to it. Unless you have wine that you can swish around after each bite, it might only be good for one square. The Fair Trade Belgian was a little insignificant, and just tasted deliciously dark.

Saturday morning = long run biznass: 14 miles, 1 Vanilla GU, and 0 raindrops.

Saturday afternoon = party hopping: Scott had his aunt's 90th birthday, which was briefly followed by our niece's 5th birthday party, which was followed by dinner at a friend's new house. Like the alert documentor I am, I didn't take any pics of any of these events, but I do have these important three things to share:

1. My sister-in-law will be making all of my children's sweet treats for any of their celebrations. Hers looked a little like this:

2. Portobello mushrooms are really tasty when they're sauteed and stuffed in tacos - even meat-lovers love 'em. How have I not tried this?

3. "Card Against Humanity" is the worst and best game ever. It's R-rated, so be careful.

Sunday for St. Patrick: Included church, errands, and some greenish soup. I use this recipe all the time (seriously, it's SO good) but just use whatever veggies I have in the fridge so it changes weekly. Tonight featured sweet potatoes, carrots, cabbage, and broccoli.

Who ran a St. Patrick's Day race? How did you do? I saw so many fun race pics on Instagram (Instaddicting!) - I'll have to jump in and partake next year.

Did you have any green eats? Beer totally counts.

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