Sunday, March 10, 2013

weekend happenings :: 3.10.13

Saturday morning waffles! I snatched my parents waffle maker straight away from them in order to satisfy a deep, ceaseless craving for waffles. There's something so unique about them that sets them apart from pancakes - you gotta love the melting "butter" in those little holes. Oh, and don't even get my started on the fruit/syrup combo.

Saturday run, read, and SUN! The Pacific Northwest got a little taste of spring, which I feel guilty for mentioning when so much of the country is still covered in, what is that called again? Oh, SNOW. I'm sorry, guys. Unless you're enjoying it, then AWESOME!

After my 10-miler, Scott and I took a nice long road trip on some Northwest backroads that we haven't driven down in years. It's easy to forget about all the pretty we're lucky enough to be surrounded by, and MAN, it was a great day for exploring.

I was, to say the least, STOKED that our little trip ended up at our favorite Thai restaurant, Sawatdy in Bainbridge Island.  100% unplanned, 100% devoured.

Good thing the library has extended checkout. This might take me until November.

Scenes from Manette bridge.

Seattle, Mount Rainier, and beyond.

Sunday as a down day. It went church, visiting family, prepping food for the week, an 8 mile (back to the rain) run, and dinner. However, dinner's big find was vegan parmesan cheese! Behold the glory:

Chyeah. Tell me about it. I used it to top our veggie lasagna, which is cooling from the oven as I type. I just blended whole almonds, cashews, and nutritional yeast until it got to be the right texture. (Here's a similar recipe to what I used.)I didn't measure anything out, just added more nuts if it wasn't as crumbly as I wanted it to be. I'm thinking it will also be a great substitute for bread crumbs, since we're all gluten-free like that.

What wild adventures did you partake in this weekend? Keep in mind, "wild" is all your perspective. Did you read a whole book? I love how crazy you are! ;)

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