Thursday, March 14, 2013

thoughtsday :: 3.14.13

1. R.I.P. Google Reader...if this is true, then R.I.P. Brittani's beloved morning ritual.

and there goes my morning ritual. (Did anyone else take Philosophy in college, or did that just sound like the Pope speaking Latin to you?) I have until July to cherish my beloved RSS feed, and then all my bloggy updates will need to fit into a new home. Any suggestions?

2. Cracked, dry, and irresponsible broken fingernails. Thanks for that, winter. Hardly any snow you gave us, yet your chill is still managing to ruin my nails. I've been using this Sally Hansen business for probably, oh, 3 months, and not much as changed. I don't like it a bit, but I suppose there are worse things, like getting my head chopped off or running out of chocolate. So yeah, brittle nails aren't the absolute nightmare I originally thought when writing this.

3.Homie Homey Happy Hour: That is, a happy hour served at a friend's home. That is going down tomorrow evening, and I'm so ready. This is the first time we've done this, but I think it's going to be a hit. My girlfraaaands and I figured out that this could be the magical way to maintain happiness while still budgeting monies.

On the menu for tomorrow: wine, chocolate, fruit, dips, dippables, and wine.

What do you and your friends typically do for fun?

How do you keep track of blog updates?

Any ideas on how to manage bad nails?


  1. My sister was telling me to take folic acid to help my nails and hair! Sigh. Too lazy. Mine are awful too.

    I am trying out Feedly. It has the same commands as reader and you can play around with how it displays blogs :)

    1. Folic acid, nice! I'll have to dig that up. Thanks for the Feedly tip - I might make it though this whole Reader death better than I had thought!