Monday, March 25, 2013

weekend happenings :: 3.24.13

Saturday morning birthday cake baking, consisting of a cookie dough layer, followed by a double dark chocolate ice cream layer, followed by peanut butter frosting, followed by a chocolate drizzle. Let me tell you, this turned into a fanTAStic cake! It's crazy weird to believe that it's 100% gluten-free and vegan, but it works.

Three things I need to say about this cake: 

1. The ice cream layer tastes like coconut, due to the coconut milk (weirrrrd.) If you're not into that, I"m sure you could use another type of"milk."

2. The parchment paper stuck to the bottom layer like a mofo, so I'm just going to give the pan a good oily spray-down next time and forgo the paper altogether.

3. The cookie layer on the bottom was the BEST. I'm going to make it another time and eat it all by itself, because it deserves such attention.

Saturday afternoon was a sunny ferry ride to Seattle for VegFest 2013!

So many killer sample. I went with my sister, and this was our lunch AND dinner.

Veg swag.

Sunday morning started out with a nice (albeit 19 degree) run. Love those sunrises.

Sunday afternoon was spent birthday party-ing! We went to Azteca for my mother-in-law's celebration, and then hopped over to my parent's for a BBQ to honor my sister's big TWENTY-FIRST birthday. Crazy. How did that creep up so fast?

I wish I would have gotten more pictures but my phone is out of space (not-so-perfect timing). So I should take care of that today.

Is Spring starting to sprout where you are?


  1. Aww! Love that pic of you and your sis! I feel SO OLD when my siblings turn a year older. Isn't that weird?!

    Any cool new products at VegFest?!

    1. It's totally weird, but I'm glad I'm not the only one that feels that way! It makes me feel even older when I say things like "how did you get so old?" and "I remember when you were just a baby" because that is totally something "old people" say.

      There were some really cool things at Vegfest - I have a post ready to go up about it tomorrow!